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Advertising on Instagram

The business pages of the social network Instagram can serve as a great tool for brand promotion. According to estimates of Western SMM managers in 2018-2019, advertising on Instagram has become the best way to visually represent products and services on the web.

SMM managers at WonderWeb web studio fully agree with this opinion – and offer your business proven strategies for targeting advertising on Instagram. With its help, you will be able to capture new target audiences and are guaranteed to get new interested customers.

What is suitable for advertising on Instagram?

There are several main areas for which Instagram advertising is best suited.

Promoting a website or individual landing page

With the help of setting up advertising on Instagram, you can promote any kind of resource. Whether it’s a corporate website or an online store, maintaining a business account on this network will increase your brand awareness and help take it to the next level.

Mobile App Promotion

This is one of the most popular promotion methods for mobile apps. Millions of users will get to know your app, and the visual format of posts will allow you to convey its benefits and features in the best possible way.

Promotion of events

If you are engaged in the event segment, ordering advertising on Instagram is a sure way to improve the promotion of seminars, master classes, and other similar business events.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

Thoughtful targeting on Instagram will help you easily attract new parts of your target audience, such as from other regions, and even open up new markets for your product.

The main advantage of targeting is that your posts and messages will be seen by those users who are interested in them. In addition, the price for advertising on Instagram is relatively low, which is very convenient for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Promoting your business on Instagram

Properly setting up paid advertising on Instagram can give a tangible boost to promote your brand and increase direct sales.

WonderWeb experts will help you choose the best format to attract leads and develop the most effective promotion strategy.

Setting up retargeting on Instagram

Setting up retargeting on Instagram allows you to catch up with visitors or customers who are already familiar with your product but for some reason didn’t buy it. In addition, subtle retargeting allows you to reduce the cost of other types of advertising. This comes at the cost of keeping users who haven’t made a purchase in your sales funnel for a long time.

The benefits of setting up an Instagram ad campaign at WonderWeb Studio

If you want to know – how much it cost to advertise on Instagram, first of all, you need to understand the volume of audience you will work with and decide on the format of the ads.

You can order a professional Instagram ad campaign set up by contacting the managers of WonderWeb studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget and propose the format of ads that will meet the requirements of your business sphere in the best possible way.