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Instagram Branding

With the constant development of social media, Instagram is still a convenient and reliable method of delivering information to different target audiences of users.

Successful Instagram brand promotion and pricing satisfy most types of businesses. However, a long-term promotion strategy has many nuances, and if you are serious about developing your brand or business on Instagram, WonderWeb Web Studio can help. Analyzing the direction, and identifying challenges and needs will help you quickly gain user loyalty and become a successful social media business.

Creating and promoting a brand on Instagram

Among Instagram accounts, there are personal and business profiles, with the latter allowing you to use all marketing tools more effectively and attract new segments of the target audience.

For whom is it suitable?

Promotion in this social network can be used both for large companies and for the development of a personal brand. This depends on the format of advertising, the size of the budget, and the socio-demographic focus of the posts.

For example, for a commercial project, the most powerful and complete coverage of a part of the market and a regular reminder of oneself are important. For the promotion of a personal brand or a startup, the option with original design and presentation of posts with a small coverage and an emphasis on an attractive USP is more suitable.

This will narrow the focus and get your first customers quickly on a minimal budget.

Benefits of

The classic perks of Instagram are the hyperactive audience, which response more fully to new content than on other social networks.

Increased awareness of your brand

With consistent advertising, a corporation’s or personal brand recognition on Instagram grows rapidly. If you put together a professional campaign, you can reach tens of thousands of visitors in one month alone. And if you have a really good UTP, in the next month their number will exceed a hundred thousand.

Increase website traffic

Instagram allows external links and is therefore very convenient for attracting additional traffic. Most users who see a good post want more information and, according to statistics, go to the added resource 80% of the time.

Increased engagement of the target audience with your product

This is a major benefit of Instagram. Since the network is predominantly visual content-oriented, users perceive your graphic or video information quickly and most fully. Product advertising here – whether it’s a product or a service – is very powerful in engaging them in an associative way.

The WonderWeb experts can prepare your ad launch so that your account visitors will immediately remember you, add you to their favorites, click on the links and eventually use your sales offer.

Order branding on Instagram

You can order branding on Instagram right now and get a well-crafted promotion strategy that will help you reach as many of your target audience as possible and build the right brand communications with the consumer.