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Advertising on Facebook

Social media continues its indomitable march over the planet and covers more and more countries and people. For the last five years advertising on Facebook has become one of the main ways to promote products and services practically in all spheres of business.

SMM managers and marketers at WonderWeb web studio offer you the benefit of their extensive experience in setting up targeting on Facebook. They will intelligently use your budget and develop a successful strategy to grow your business and capture new target audiences through Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising Formats

On Facebook, even a budding entrepreneur or startup can quickly take their project to the next level the way Facebook advertising works very effectively. There are three main formats of promotion on this network.

Targeted advertising on Facebook

This format will show interested users based on their preferences. For example, you can choose parameters such as gender, age, location, or interests.

Targeted Facebook ads are the best way to get attention on this social network.

Posting ads in communities and on other pages

In this case, it’s placing themed ads that capture an entire audience. The advantage is that they will be seen by all members of the selected Facebook groups or communities. In addition, the cost of such advertising on Facebook is relatively low.

Promotion in Instagram

Using Facebook, it is possible to implement a campaign for the Instagram network as well. WonderWeb specialists will help you choose your Instagram audience, set up pixels, and monitor the conversion rate of your offers in this network.

Setting up and running Facebook ads

Launching an advertising campaign on Facebook consists of several stages, each of which is important in its own way.

The goals of advertising

Depending on your business goals, the goals and how much it costs to advertise on Facebook are determined. The goals may be to increase brand awareness and to improve work with your current audience or simply to make direct sales with your UTP.

Analysis and selection of the target audience

After defining the goals, comes the elaboration and analysis of the pages of people who will become your potential clients. Based on the area of your business, our marketing experts will tell you the best way to reach the right audience.

Choosing where to show ads

Next, you need to choose the best places to show your ads. Offers can be shown in the Facebook feed itself, the Instagram feed, as well as in the marketplace, stories, messenger inboxes, or “Interesting” tabs.

Setting the advertising budget

This is the most important stage, which requires a balance between cost and effectiveness. Depending on your goals, we’ll create an optimal spending plan for your advertising campaign that will get you the most leads from Facebook possible.

Advantages of working with WonderWeb on Facebook advertising

You can order a professional setup of your Facebook advertising campaign by contacting the managers of WonderWeb Studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget and offer the format that best meets the requirements of your business sphere.