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At the beginning of the 21st century, online commerce is rapidly developing and capturing new markets and business areas. Today the creation of an online store – is a logical logical step for any entrepreneur who has decided to expand its customer audience and increase its profits.

Web studio WonderWeb perfectly understands the importance of quality online spaces for trade and in the development of an online store can offer you the most advanced design concepts and its promotion in the network.

Development of online stores

If you decide to order a web store we can help you to realize the most complex projects with dozens of sections and categories. However, it should be remembered that for success before you start creating, you need to do some preliminary work.

  • Choose your target audience and niches;
  • Decide on the structure of your online store;
  • Choose a payment and delivery system.

Stages of creation of online store

Once we have done that, you can start creating a turnkey online store. The very process of development and launch consists of several stages, each of which is important in its way and requires special attention.

A unique adaptive website design

When we create an online store, first of all, we should take care of an attractive and unique design. WonderWeb specialists will help you choose a suitable layout or draw it for you from scratch and make it work properly on all platforms.

CMS site management system

The next step in creating a store website is choosing a CMS. Depending on whether or not you will manage the store yourself and the functionality requirements, you can choose a simple system (WordPress) or a more complex one (Opencart).


This step allows the development of online stores to adapt them to display properly in all browsers – both on desktop computers and mobile versions.


When creating online stores in Odessa, our company adheres to the most stringent standards of layout and after development is complete, always conducts alpha and beta testing of your project.

Popular online store functionality.

This includes plugins and extensions that allow users to better navigate your products. This can be a gallery, parameter filters, or frames that show related products.

To find out how much an online store costs, first of all, you need to determine the technical requirements for the project. The price depends on the complexity of the selected functionality, design, and integration of third-party plugins. Most projects are calculated individually, and the cost takes into account all factors and parameters.

The online store from WonderWeb

Our team takes a comprehensive approach when creating an IM and guarantees the creation of a unique store design to attract traffic and increase your sales.

You can order the development of online store by contacting the managers of WonderWeb studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget and offer the format of the resource, which is the best way to meet all your requirements.