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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a quality landing page, especially when it comes to introducing a new brand or product to the market. More and more users recognize that a one-page site with well-structured information – is the best form of rapid promotion of the company on the web.

In the web studio, WonderWeb creating a landing page is one of the priorities because it is especially in demand by entrepreneurs. And our scrupulous approach in the organization of content will allow you to get excellent usability and easy to implement new leads from the page.

Adaptive Sales Landing in 10 days

If you want to create a landing page to quickly increase sales, you should pay attention to a few technical nuances.

First of all – the development of the concept and setting goals for the resource. Next comes the elaboration of the layout and functionality of the custom branding, which should not only be attractive but also work on all platforms. After that come things like design, layout, content filling, SEO optimization, and implementation of features to increase potential customer engagement.

As a result, you’ll get a full-fledged landing site in two weeks, which will already be ready to bring you revenue.

Basic stages of Landing page creation

Task definition

WonderWeb specialists will help you to clearly define the results that you should expect from developing a landing page. This concerns both the technical aspects of writing and administration, as well as determining ways to further develop the project, the expected load from visitors, and periods of updating.

Analysis of the niche, competitors

For any landing page, an analysis of its competitors is as important as for other types of sites. You also need to define the business niche and target audience with which your project will work.

Writing the terms of reference

If you are not strong in IT, our managers will help you in mapping the requirements for a landing page. This applies to both its appearance and functionality, and connecting third-party plug-ins and extensions.


The third step is to develop and provide you with a visual design layout. You can easily understand – what your resource will look like, and how your visitors will navigate through it.

Design and layout

After agreeing on the layout, WonderWeb developers will create a full-fledged landing page and, if you wish, display it on the hosting. In the process you can tweak the nuances of design, creating SN and content placement.

Refinement and creation of new features for engagement.

The final part of the landing page design is to optimize and improve its appeal to visitors. For example, you can order in our company, additional audio and video accompaniment, special galleries, promotional counters, and other additional functionality.

Benefits of a Landing Page for your business

If you decide to order a Landing Page, you’ll immediately get the undeniable benefits for your business. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Increase in sales of goods;
  2. Collection of the database audience of the site;
  3. Announcement of new products;
  4. Announcement of events;
  5. Quick introduction of promotions and sales;
  6. Promotion of the startup.

Order a Landing Page in the web studio WonderWeb

You can order the development of a landing page by contacting the managers of WonderWeb Studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget and offer the format of the resource, which is the best way to meet all your requirements.