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Comprehensive Website Audit

SEO specialists and testers from WonderWeb web studio will help you to analyze your site of any complexity, make a detailed report on the condition and recommend measures to improve the usability of the resource and its visibility in search engines.

In the process of development and promotion on the Internet, any resource accumulates content, and along with it errors are accumulated. A comprehensive site audit will allow you to control the quality of all pages, optimize them and, ultimately, bring your project to a whole new level of development.

аудит сайта

How to understand that you need a site audit

The main signs that you need a technical analysis of the site and SEO audit are slow-loading pages, the fall of the resource at the top of extradition, and a decrease in the number of visitors.

What tasks solve the site audit?

In accordance with the problems listed above, a comprehensive SEO-site audit allows you to set the direction of optimization and development of your project. This can be an addition of content or a new advertising campaign.

Technical audit of the site will improve usability, will eliminate bugs, and increase the time stay on the resource of your visitors.

Advantages of a comprehensive SEO-audit

In contrast to solving private problems, a comprehensive assessment of the site will give you the opportunity to act on the result in different directions.

After the audit, WonderWeb specialists will help you choose the most effective measures to attract new users and convert them into potential clients.

Plan for a comprehensive site audit

All measures to assess the resource are carried out in a certain order, which allows you to first solve the technical problems, and then proceed to attract new visitors.

Technical audit of the site

Includes a check of the site for errors, code analysis, analysis of the volume of pages and photos, assessment of the quality of design colors and styles, and many other parameters. After it is performed, you can increase the loading speed and optimize the display of all elements in different browsers and on mobile platforms.

SEO site audit

This is an analysis of the internal and external optimization of the site. It will help you determine the best keywords and phrases, improve the semantic core and, by applying the right SEO tools, attract a large target audience.

Marketing audit of the site

This stage will allow you to understand – how well your site sells goods or services. It includes the analysis of the compliance of the UTP, checking the work of the payment and delivery services, as well as the relevance of your offers on the Internet.

Audit of the usability of the site

The last, but not the least important stage, allows you to establish how your resource is convenient for users. Such a check includes an analysis of the navigation, cues – bread crumbs, the number of transitions to the target, and other actions for the visitor to select and order the product.

Order a comprehensive site audit in the web studio WonderWeb

Stages of a comprehensive audit of the site and its price depend on the complexity of your project and tasks – primarily the amount of code in the resource, the CMS used and the number of products offered.

You can order a comprehensive audit of the site by contacting the managers of the WonderWeb studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget and offer the audit format which will meet all your business requirements as best as possible.