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Collecting the semantic core

In the current reality of fierce competition, any site requires a semantic core of content and correct search engine optimization for its successful development, which allows you to promote it to the top of search engines.

The web-studio WonderWeb team knows all about the peculiarities of high-quality SEO and offers a professional selection of the semantic core for any type of resource – from a large catalog to a one-page landing page.

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Why does a site need a semantic core?

For more than 20 years, the principles of ranking in Google and Yandex are based primarily on an analysis of text content, and compiling a semantic core is the basis on which your site will be visible in searches.

  • To effectively promote your site

Successfully structured kernel several times facilitates the promotion of the site for search queries – both high-frequency, low, and medium. This is especially true for resources with little content.

  • To set up contextual advertising

In services, Yandex and Google context is configured precisely on the basis of SNA. And it is on its quality and the proper selection of keywords depends on – will users click on ads or not.

The goals and application of the semantic core

The global objective key selection and collection of semantics can be summarized in the following three points.

Attracting visitors from organic search

This is what will bring you income – because visitors come to your site, in search of products that have been used in the SNR keywords, and these are almost ready-made leads.

Tracking and monitoring of search queries

The second important point is to analyze keywords for your website and search for new ones because internet users are constantly upgrading queries, and their variety is constantly growing.

Increase the visibility of the site in search

Based on the first two points, increasing the visibility of your site in search results. WonderWeb specialists will help you to choose your keywords and create a core that will raise your ranking as fast as possible.

Stages of the semantic core collection

The process of collecting the semantic core and its price depends on the amount of work at all stages of implementation.

Analysis of the niche and competitors

It will give you an idea of what queries users are focused on when looking for similar products and what words your competitors use.

Selection of queries

This subtle point – it is very important that your queries fit well in the field and at the same time, they are used by users.

Parsing keyword phrases

It allows you to establish the frequency of selected queries, their relevance, and how well and correctly they are included in articles, descriptions, and other content on your site.

Query grouping

Or clustering is the breakdown of keywords and phrases according to certain characteristics. These can include frequency, query regions, or, for example, gender and age of users.

Structure Formation

The last stage is the formation of the structure of your resource – it is on the basis of SN. As a result, your search engine optimization will be more attractive for robots, because the names of articles, sections, categories, and photo captions will use the right phrases.

Order a semantic core for your website at the WonderWeb web studio

You can order the semantic core by contacting the managers of WonderWeb web studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget and offer the best methods of selecting queries for the kernel and the formation of the site structure which will meet all your requirements.