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Link Building

Among all kinds of promotion on the web, website promotion with links can give the most impressive results. This type of promotion not only attracts the attention of search engine crawlers but also increases the authority of the resource among ordinary users who may become your regular customers.

Specialists of web-studio WonderWeb perfectly understand the importance of external SEO promotion for website development and offer only trusted partners and the best link exchangers for link exchange.


Who is link building suitable for?

First of all such promotion is useful for resources with a small amount of content. For example, if you have an online store, which has only descriptions of products and categories, quality links to the site will quickly help raise it to the top of extradition.

Another advantage is the positive positioning of the resource for search engines. If you are in a highly competitive industry, website promotion with natural links is a sure way to attract the attention of search engine crawlers and stand out among similar resources.

What does link building include?

Getting the right natural links to promote your site is not easy. The link-building process includes both buying links on exchanges and placing them in guest articles and reviews on resources, finding partner sites, and exchanging link mass with them, as well as developing infographics or a paid inclusion in the scripts code templates.

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Criteria for analyzing donor sites

If you want to order backlinks to your site, first of all, you should pay attention to donor sites. WonderWeb specialists will help you choose the right resources by conducting a multi-parameter analysis of your project. The main criteria are:

Traffic and audience

Includes the number of visitors and their composition, as well as an assessment of the dynamics – the ratio of organic, direct, and social traffic.


Includes a measure of the quality of textual content on the resource.

Thematic relevance

Shows how relevant the donor site is to your area of business.


Takes into account the location of the donor site, which is important for increasing your position in the region.


Accounts for the importance and value of the donor site to search engines and users. This includes the number of links to this site from other resources.

The activity on the site

Accounts for the behavior of visitors to the donor site, including the time spent on the site and the number of hits.

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The benefits of link building with WonderWeb

The link building department of WonderWeb has experience in link promotion for more than 500 projects and has created a huge database of donor sites for you to take advantage of. In addition, we guarantee your project successful external SEO promotion on forums, social networks, and specialized link exchanges in the Russian and western segments of the Internet.

Order link building in the web studio WonderWeb

You can order professional link building by contacting the managers of WonderWeb web studio. Our specialists will calculate the required budget and offer the format which best meets all your requirements.