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Contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct

For almost 15 years, the company Yandex has been the leader of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, and its services are used by more than 250 million people. And many of them could become your clients, thanks to the system of contextual advertising in Yandex direct.

WonderWeb web studio offers you to evaluate all the advantages of promoting your site in Yandex Direct – from raising brand awareness in the network to capturing new markets and attracting a new target audience for your products and services.

What is Yandex. Direct contextual advertising?

Web promotion Yandex. Direct is one of the best methods of attracting new customers and increasing revenues from sales and services online. It is the distribution of ads in the Yandex search engine results and on third-party sites with a suitable audience and subject matter.

When setting up Yandex Direct, WonderWeb specialists will help you choose the most successful strategy for displaying ads that will ensure a rapid influx of interested users to your site or increase the number of their calls to the company.

Stages of setting up contextual advertising in Yandex Direct.

Proper setup and maintenance of Yandex.Direct consists of several stages, each of which is important in its own way.

Gathering of commercial semantics

This is the extraction of keywords and phrases that relate to your business and are typed by users in search engines. On the basis of these WonderWeb experts can prepare a list of resources on which to run ads.

Budget estimation

Depending on the level of your objectives contextual advertising Yandex and the price of it may require a small or very substantial budget. The campaign budget depends on the individual cost per click on an ad or its display on a particular site in your subject.

Creating an ad campaign

Based on the first two points, a specific type of campaign is launched in Yandex.Direct manager. For example, it may be a broadcast context ad in Yandex services, a banner in the main search results, or an ad in mobile applications.

Composing the text of ads based on KC

Text and background ads – this is the most important attractive element in advertising in Yandex. It’s what services are guided by when determining impressions, and users when choosing whether to read and click – or not.

Running ads

After our marketing experts and designers have created appropriate ads, you can run contextual advertising in Yandex direct. It will start working the very next day and will bring new income to your business.

Monitoring clicks on contextual ads

At the start of a campaign, you can select the frequency of impressions and the cost per click. After a certain period – two weeks or a month – you should monitor the effectiveness of Yandex Direct and approve or change this number.

Changing the frequency of impressions and the cost per click on the ad

Depending on what goals are pursued by your contextual advertising in Yandex, the number of impressions may be very small, for example, 5-10 per day – or conversely very significant at 1000 times, for example, in the introduction of a new product.

According to the results its effectiveness can be increased or decreased, and to change the price per click to show in more attractive places.

Benefits of contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct.

There are 3 main advantages of advertising in Yandex direct.

  • Accurate and fast delivery of your message to your target audience;
  • High level of attracting new interested customers;
  • The highest rate of cost-effectiveness in web advertising.

The cost of contextual advertising Yandex.Direct in the web studio WonderWeb

If you decide to order contextual advertising from Yandex Direct, WonderWeb marketers will make a plan of expenses for the campaign for a month or for a whole year. They also guarantee that all funds will be spent in accordance with your objectives, and the cost of the campaign will depend on the type of ads and their number.

Order contextual advertising Yandex in WonderWeb

You can order a contextual advertising campaign in Yandex. Direct by contacting the managers of WonderWeb Studio. Our specialists will calculate the necessary budget for the campaign and offer the format that will meet the requirements of your business field as best as possible.