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Google Shopping Ads

In early 2018, the arrival of the Google Merchant Center service to the Ukrainian market allowed entrepreneurs to use a completely new type of ad – Google Shopping to promote their business.

The ability to place Google Shopping ads has become a powerful promotional tool for both small firms and large corporations.

However, setting up the Merchant Center is quite a complicated procedure, not to mention creating a suitable design and format. Here it’s better not to rely on the manual, but to use the help of specialists who will be able to set up an account and shopping companies in Google shopping for you.

Google Shopping in Ukraine

Shopping ads in the google shopping service are a special kind of banner, which is formed from a feed and shown in Google’s output and KMS. Typically, the feed includes a photo, price, and link to the site, but in some cases, you can apply the description or micro-UTP position.

Advantages of product ads

Using Google Shopping in Ukraine allows you to cover a huge range of similar products and at the same time make your ads beautifully designed. At the same time, the product information will always be up-to-date, as it is formed directly from the offer on the resource.

Setting up Google Shopping

Professional Google Shopping tuning by WonderWeb includes all the main requirements of the service and can even excel other kinds of promotion in terms of final results.

What’s included in the setup?

  1. Creating an account.
  2. Analysis and addition of the terms of reference for the formation of a feed.
  3. Adapt your current site for commodity advertising.
  4. Verifying the service requirements and the format of the terms of reference.
  5. Configuring the connection between GMCenter and Google AdWords.
  6. Ad development and campaign management.

Setting up Google Shopping takes from 7 to 15 working days, depending on the volume of feeds and the type of ads you require.

Order Google Shopping ads setup

The price of setting up shopping campaigns

The average price for the setting in 2020 ranges from 9000 UAH for the complex of services. This includes both setting up an account and working with a programmer to adapt your resource to GMCenter requirements and banner development.

The cost of the trading campaigns

Once you have decided to place an advertisement on Google shopping, the average price for a month of campaign management will be from 6000 UAH. It depends on the amount of work, the number of ads, and the requirements for regular adjustments.

You may order an actual setup of product advertising in Google Shopping by contacting the managers of WonderWeb Company. Our team of experts will select the budget and ad format that’s best for your business and help it get to the next level.