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Google Adwords Remarketing

In recent years, remarketing has become more and more important because it allows you to bring back visitors who have left the company’s product-return system. This applies to almost every branch of service and product, and partially reduces the cost of overall promotion.

If you want to order remarketing, you should know its basic principles and features of work. You should also remember that working with it requires a lot of experience and here it is better to ask for help. WonderWeb web studio will set up remarketing in google Adwords correctly, taking into account all the goals and objectives of the project.

How remarketing works

Google Adwords remarketing system allows you to track the dynamics of visitors on your site and “catch up” with them through reminders and additional advertising in the output, which is shown based on their previous actions.

If, for example, a visitor came to your cell phone sales site but didn’t buy anything, remarketing direct service will allow them to be encouraged to buy in the future. This is done by showing advertising banners on similar resources with your offer

What problems does remarketing solve?

The main purpose of remarketing in Google Ads is a reminder. There are many products or services that a user decides to purchase over a long period.

By using Adwords remarketing correctly, you can influence this decision, and as a result, bring back customers to your business who, for one reason or another, have not taken advantage of any of your offers.

Types of remarketing and their benefits

There are 5 main types of contextual advertising in remarketing, each with its benefits.

Google Adwords Remarketing.

This is the so-called “search” type. It is used for people who have clicked on links to resources as a result of retrieval.

By email lists.

This type is aimed at owners of Gmail, GooglePlay, YouTube, and similar services. It is very useful for regular reminders.

Dynamic remarketing.

This type uses the algorithm of past purchases and interests of the user. It is most successful in increasing the target audience of your business.

Video remarketing

This type is most commonly used in the YouTube service. The videos use special inserts that advertise the product using dynamic marketing algorithms.

Contextual Media Network (CMN).

This is a separate system of banner display, which was created by Google based on advertising spots on certain resources. It includes millions of sites and reaches an audience of 95% of the world’s population. Here, visual graphic advertising is the most effective way to get customers.

Order remarketing on Google Adwords, Yandex, and Facebook in the web studio WonderWeb

You can order professional remarketing setup Adwords in 2020 by contacting the managers of WonderWeb web studio. Our specialists will choose the most appropriate types of remarketing for your business and help you to get new leads and new customers.