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Contextual advertising audit

Contextual advertising audit – a set of actions that analyze the quality and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Advertising audit in WonderWeb studio is carried out by competent specialists who specialize in comprehensive analytics. The task of the audit advertising campaigns in Yandex. direct and google Adwords is to find advertising flaws, compile a detailed report and provide recommendations for rectifying the situation.

Why do we need an audit of advertising campaigns?

An audit of the advertising activities of the company is needed for the following reasons:

  • The owner of the resource has made an independent setup of advertising campaigns without the appropriate qualifications, so an analysis of its effectiveness is required. In this case, an audit of advertising campaigns Adwords and Yandex;
  • Setting up ads was carried out by outside experts and needed to evaluate the advertising company;
  • Advertising is engaged in full-time employees – the site owner wants to check his work;
  • The resource owner needs recommendations on how to improve online advertising and optimize it for the target audience.

Before the audit of contextual advertising, Yandex and Google are held in the coordination of all work with the customer to clearly articulate the objectives of future verification.

Stages of work

During the audit of advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct and Adwords specialist:

  • Sets goals according to the terms of reference;
  • Analyzes the available data;
  • Checks the settings in the advertising offices;
  • Determines the optimal strategy for search engine campaigns.

You can order a basic and detailed audit of advertising campaigns. The basic check reveals gross errors, after the correction of which is worth a detailed audit.

Order an audit of the advertising campaign in the web studio WonderWeb

Ordering analytics of the advertising account in the web studio WonderWeb has several advantages, namely:

  • Transparent work. The company provides a report on all costs for an audit of the advertising campaign in Yandex direct and AdWords;
  • Planning. Specialists successfully predict the results of analytics;
  • Qualification. Employees of the studio have considerable practical experience in auditing contextual advertising google AdWords and direct;
  • Reporting. The customer receives understandable and illustrative reporting, as well as several recommendations for the advertising settings.

After the analysis of advertising campaigns in Direct and Adwords need to work to fix the identified errors, which almost always leads to an increase in advertising efficiency. Service for the audit of advertising campaigns on Google and Yandex allows you to qualitatively configure contextual advertising and productively manage it.

The cost of an audit of an advertising company

Order an audit of an advertising company at an affordable price you can in the web studio WonderWeb. The price depends on the amount of work to be done and customer requirements. After completion of the analysis, the client receives a report on all detected errors, shortcomings, omissions, and several recommendations that will eliminate deficiencies and improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.