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Website development of any complexity

Creation and development of websites, Kiev and all Ukraine – a matter for a team of professionals. WonderWeb Web Studio specializes in creation, promotion, editing and optimization of your company website of any complexity and direction. Website development is always personalized, because in order to be noticeable and in demand, you need an original positioning in the market. 

Development of sites on a turnkey basis is a convenient and advantageous cooperation, because all the stages from beginning to end are made by one team, and as a result you get a ready working resource that performs all the tasks you want. Development of any project by individual specialists will never lead to a perfectly balanced and well-thought-out result. Competent development of the site is done taking into account further promotion of the resource in search engines through an integrated approach and modern SEO tools.

Website development – what we do 

Website development – a complex work of many specialists: designers, marketers, analysts, SEO developers, programmers, content managers, etc. Development with WonderWeb – is not just a service, it is a marketing team that will study all sides of your business and put all efforts on its modern presentation and promotion. Website development in Kiev and Ukraine allows you to create a one-page website (LandingPage), online stores, online business cards, platforms, corporate websites. We work with small companies and large enterprises. We find an individual solution for each of them, which will allow us to promote business and position ourselves in the market. 

A landing page

Розробка Landing Page | WonderWebA landing page is designed for a single product, service, promotion or contact information, making an application. At WonderWeb we are very much in demand for the development of a landing page, the prices and timing of implementation depend on the task set by the client. Over time, the resource can be expanded to a full corporate website with all the necessary functionality. Development of a front page – a quick start for profit from orders or applications. 

Site card

Розробка сайту візитки під ключ | WonderWeb

The source of the most important information about your business. Business card site development in WonderWeb is distinguished by a memorable design, competent presentation of the company and thoughtful positioning. This all gives a quick and budgetary entrance to the market.

Corporate website

Розробка корпоративного сайту | WonderWeb

Corporate website is a full-fledged representative of your company on the Internet. It has full functionality for detailed information about products or services, news and promotions, it is used for communication and sales. 

The development of a corporate website – a large-scale process, from the analysis of competitors and target audience, to create a website and strategy for its promotion. A modern corporate website contributes to the scaling of business, image and recognition throughout the world.

Online store 

Розробка інтернет-магазину 2022 | WonderWeb

Developing an online store is a big step forward to increasing sales, customer loyalty and automating transactions and payments. Ease and convenience of all stages of the purchase is very important for the online store: from familiarization with the product to the payment. Competent malaya adaptation of the store contributes to the growth of profits and an increase in the number of visitors to the resource.  

Stages of creating turnkey sites in the agency WonderWeb:

  • Concept Development

We prepare a brief for the development of the site, where together with you define the problem, taking into account all your wishes. We analyze the market and choose the most effective way to fulfill them.

  • Site prototype

We work on the future site structure, think in detail about the interface and all the necessary elements for its operation.

  • Site design

Designers proceed to the work, making out the created interface with a unique style.

  • Makeup and programming

Programmers turn the created layout into a working and functional website. Dockers adapt it to all platforms.

  • Testing

We test the site for all possible bugs and check the correctness of all elements.

  • The filling of the site

The copywriters are tasked with writing the content. For this purpose, the SEO-specialist creates the TOR and gives it to work. Checked and edited material is published on the site. 

All phases of the site development are done taking into account the further promotion of the resource. A competent and comprehensive approach to the development of a site will greatly facilitate further support.

Website development of any complexity

If we speak about website development in Odessa or website development in Dnipro – our team creates bright and unique projects for enterprises all over Ukraine and helps to develop the economy of the country. 

We have described in detail how site development takes place at WonderWeb. The price is formed by the tasks set, the time for completion, complexity and volume of the project. More time is required to develop the online store. The price in this case depends on the number of sections, categories, represented assortment of goods, type of filters and sorting. 

Website development – an important and responsible stage in the development of any business, and it will go smoothly and successfully due to the experience, professionalism and sensitivity of the WonderWeb team.

Author Innocentiy Luzhnov

Creative content manager, “WonderWeb”

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